Prayer to Unlock Finances

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come before You into Your heavenly court, seeking relief from the enemy and the wicked oppressor, the thief who has robbed me and my family from the ability to prosper according to Your word.
I come to You, O God, as the heavenly Judge of all heaven and earth. I do not approach You on my own righteousness, for I have none; I approach You based on Your goodness and mercy, and because the Blood of Jesus has been shed for my sins. I am a blood-bought child of God and Your word tells me that I can find help in the time of my need.
The adversary and accuser has sought legal grounds in order to indict me and enforce a curse of poverty, financial lack and an inability to prosper, thereby severely limiting my ability to influence others for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, I ask You to hear my petition before the court.
On behalf of myself and others in my family line, I ask You to forgive any misappropriation of finances in our history. Forgive us for poor stewa…

Prayer for Day 31

Day 31 - Pray Against Injustice


I come before You to pray against the injustices in society. I pray that injustices such as human trafficking, prostitution, child abduction, molestation, rape and forced slavery would be exposed and the perpetrators caught and brought to justice. 

I ask that those that conspire to commit acts of terrorism, hatred, and plot evil against others would be caught before they can carry out evil agendas. Put the right people in the right place that will be able to thwart the plans of the enemy before they can be executed. Release Your angels to bind those that work in conjunction with the forces of darkness.I say, "Satan, be bound in Jesus name! Let the spirits of fear, terror, rage, anger, murder, and all destroyer angels from the bottomless pit be bound, paralyzed, impotent and cast into the abyss created for them, in Jesus name."

I bind the spirits of bondage, addiction, greed, lust, murder, terrorism and fear associated with drug traffickin…

Prayer for Day 27

Hi all, 

So sorry that I forgot to post a prayer yesterday! Today I would like to share a wonderful and powerful prayer from a friend of mine, Todd Farley. It's a prayer to 'bridle the tongue.' He has a great teaching on this subject as well, and I'll post the link to it from his facebook page in case you would like to look it up. It is highly convicting! Thanks Todd for allowing me to borrow your wonderfully written prayer!

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you in the mighty name of Jesus Father God, and I thank you that by grace I am saved, and for the precious gift of sending your only begotten Son to die on the cross for my sins!
Father, at times I’m struggling with “bridling my tongue.” Please forgive me of any time I have spoken anything that did not edify or encourage, or give grace to the hearer.
Please forgive me of ANY and all times I may have sown discord, or grumbled, and also for outright cursing! Forgive me for any assumptions, gossip, or slander, anything inten…

Prayer for Day 25

Day 25 - Pray for Those with Mental and Emotional Issues

Father God,

Today I come before You and I lift up those struggling with mental and emotional issues. I ask that You would intervene in these people's lives and get them the help that they need. Let messengers of truth be sent into their lives, equipped with words anointed to pierce through the darkness.

Father, I pray that people will confess their pride and the sins that have bound them to unbelief, discouragement, chaos and destroyer spirits. I pray that they would acknowledge where they have tried to deal with their pain in illegitimate and ineffective ways. I pray they would confess where they have hardened their heart against you and others. Open their eyes to see that their attempts to protect themselves from being hurt have created impenetrable walls around their heart, locking themselves inside with their pain. Encourage them to open the door of their heart to You and others that they might be healed.
Holy Spirit, I pray…

Prayer for Day 24

Day 24 - Prayer for a Turnaround

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You that Your word tells me You take what the enemy has meant for harm, and You turn it around for good. I may not see how You are turning the heartache, frustration, delays and challenges into good, but I know that Your character is trustworthy and I choose to believe Your word.

I thank You for giving me endurance for the long haul, that I won't throw in the towel or give up when I'm feeling emotional. Thank you for turning every hurt into hope for the future. Thank you that You are turning things in my favor even now, and setting the stage for my breakthrough. Lord, I know that there are many tests along the way. Please help me pass the tests the first time. Help me to show love to those that I may feel are unlovable. Help me to show integrity in the smallest of things so that the enemy cannot find a place to accuse me before You. Help me to forgive others quickly so that I do not leave any doors open to the enemy t…

Prayer for Day 23

Day 23 - Pray to break the strongholds of violence.

Father God,

I bind up the spirits of pride, rage, violence, fear, torment, anger, addiction, bondage, strife, bitterness and unforgiveness in this city and community. I bind the spirit of war, in Jesus name. I forbid these spirits from promoting offense and anger. I render them powerless, impotent and paralyzed in the name of Jesus Christ and I tell them to go back to hell where they belong.

I release the Spirit of Humility, Peace, the Spirit of Mercy, the Spirit of Compassion, the Love of God, Forgiveness, and the Spirit of Understanding. Let Your Holy Spirit come and saturate every heart with peace. Let Your love wash away the fear and insecurity. I pray that people have a change of heart and turn away from anger. Let them not entertain unforgiveness nor meditate on offense and misunderstanding. Instead, let Your Holy Spirit counsel them with understanding, grace and mercy, encouraging them to forgive and let go. Help people to unders…

Prayer for Day 22

Day 22 - Pray for local leaders.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up the city council members, the mayor, city manager, assembly members, our senator, the governor and elected officials in our government. Give them a Spirit of Excellence to do their jobs well. Let them be successful in running the things pertaining to our city and help them to work together to solve the problems they face. I pray for them to have wisdom from Your Holy Spirit to know how to govern Your people with righteousness, truth, equity and justice. I pray for any corruption to be exposed and those unfit for leadership to be weeded out, but I ask for Your mercy with justice for anyone that is under the hand of Your judgment. 

I lift up the pastors and those in positions of ministry leadership in this geographic region, and I ask that You place a Spirit of Unity and Brotherly Love among them. I ask that You would supernaturally remove any spirit of competition from among them. I pray that they would set the example of ho…