Hello...Will You Be My Prayer Partner?

In order to be effective in prayer, it's important to use wisdom when selecting a prayer partner. It might not be your best friend and for obvious reasons. While you may love your friends because they are fun to hang around or socialize with, not everyone will be loyal to you. Use wisdom in choosing a prayer partner. Pick someone that has integrity. 

Those that are gossips, competitive or exhibit behaviors of disloyalty are best to avoid.  Those that use cutting criticism in the form of sarcasm or other forms of negative humor at the expense of others are toxic, and competitive or insecure individuals, or people that are unhappy in their own life may not be good choices as a friend or prayer partner.   

Choosing a prayer partner should be someone that has a solid walk with God, and someone you consider trustworthy. They should have genuine faith and exhibit good fruit in their character. You need to know who will truly be happy for you when your prayers are answered, vs. those that perhaps would be less than joyful when you get blessed. We all need to examine the relationships in our lives from time to time and discern those that are truly on our side. 

Pray about who the right person might be, and ask God who He recommends. It might not be a person you would expect, but it could just be the person who will elevate your faith and cause you to expect more from your relationship with the Lord. Pick someone that has some experience under their belt and testimonies of answered prayer in their own life. It might be someone the age of your parents or grandparents, and I am sure they would feel flattered that you thought of them. Whoever you choose, be there for them as much as you want them to be committed to praying for you.  You can enrich each other's lives in many powerful ways and help you both feel the surge of new life in your prayer life. It's time for relational bridges to be built across the generations and across denominational lines. It's time for the prayer revolution to begin!

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