Prayer for Day 10

Day 10 - Prayer for Businesses to Prosper

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you to ask for Your blessing upon my home and business. I ask for healing on the land where they are located. If any previous landowners sinned and never asked You for forgiveness, I come to You now to identify with their sins that may be affecting my ability to prosper, specifically if they did something that released a curse upon this particular piece of property. I ask You for mercy and forgiveness for the sins that were committed, and ask that any unbroken curses would be cancelled and cut off, to allow my home, family & business to prosper. 

On behalf of myself, anyone in my generational line and including previous land or business owners (and/or business partners), I repent and ask You to forgive the sins of idolatry and rebellion, for rejecting You as our Lord and Savior. 

Forgive any bloodshed or injustice that took place on this land, even in the settling of this nation. I ask You to forgive the sins of those that pioneered and settled this land, and the pagan practices, cultures and traditions brought in from foreign lands. Forgive, I pray, our presidential and political leaders that broke treaties and treacherously removed the boundary lines of Native Americans and others to claim them as their own.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I confess these sins and and by the power of His shed blood, I ask for forgiveness and restoration.

Forgive me, my family line, and all previous landowners for any sins involving the abuse of trust, misuse of authority, power or influence.  

 Forgive me, my family line and all land and business owners that occupied the land where my business resides of unjust, unlawful or unscrupulous business practices. I break all agreements and renounce any covenants or involvement with: lying spirits, occult spirits, rituals and traditions that involve the use of idols, witchcraft and voodoo (such as Santeria); the practice of hoodoo, the use of witch doctors, conjuring, the practice of juju, black magic, Wicca, and the use of mediums, familiar spirits, and seducing spirits. 

Forgive, I pray, any ungodly oaths and covenants that were made, including those with secret societies. I renounce any and all agreements that are legally binding in the spirit realm, and the spirits that are assigned to enforce those ungodly covenants. I command them all, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, to leave this land and property now and to go back to the abyss that was created for them in Jesus name.

Lord, as I have asked forgiveness for these sins, please also show me if I need to forgive someone else that is indebted to me. Help me to trust You in all matters, financial or otherwise, and give me the grace and compassion to forgive the debts of others. 

Bless those that are indebted to me and help them to have more than enough for their household. I know You command me to practice forgiveness of debts so that my own sins and transgressions can be forgiven. Let there be a release and a cancellation of every curse that has come as a result of these things. 

Forgive our sin for the things we know and that which is unknown. Let every generational curse be cut off now in Jesus name. Let other reputable businesses prosper, too. Everything I ask for for my own business, I ask You to do for others, too. 

Let all demonic attachments be severed from myself, my family line and that which concerns my property and business. I resist the enemy and command all evil spirits off my land and away from my family. 

I bind the spirit of death and hell and declare they will no longer advance against me, my household and business. I command all that devourers to be sent back to hell in Jesus name. 

I ask You Father to set a hedge of protection around me, my family and this business. 

Father, You gave me a promise even as You gave it to Your servant Joshua many years ago. You said everywhere I put my foot has already been given to me and so I claim that victory and right of inheritance for me and my family line and for the kingdom of God. Let Your kingdom advance. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in my home, my life, my family and in this business.

I ask You to release all the blessings that have been held back, even for generations. Let this business prosper, in Jesus name.

I ask for divine wisdom, witty innovations, creative solutions and ideas that are anointed for breakthrough. Tell me the things I need to change in order to receive your blessing, and the blessing of being anointed for business as well. 

Holy Spirit, I invite You to be my business partner and show me how to excel. Help me to prosper in every area of my life. Let customers be drawn supernaturally by Your Holy Spirit to come into my business. Help me, Holy Spirit, to run my business with integrity, righteousness and generosity towards others so that the blessings continue to pour in. 

Help me to give back to others so that I set up a continuous cycle of blessings coming in and going out. I am blessed to be a blessing!  I speak blessing, increase, and favor over my family and business, and all those who enter these premises. I ask for Divine Connections and sensitivity to Your Spirit. Let me be an agent of healing, grace, love and encouragement to all who grace this place with their presence, and give me opportunities to share how You have blessed my business. In Jesus name, amen.

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