Prayer for Day 11

Day 11 - Pray for those that are lonely and discouraged.

Dear Father,

I lift up to You those that are lonely and discouraged; those that doubt your ability to touch their need and those that need comfort.

Father, I pray for them to encounter Your love that washes away all their fears. I pray that they would receive revelation of Your love for them. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would comfort them and send them friends and companions. Send them people who can understand them and show them compassion.

Whatever their need is, I pray You release Your help to those people. I pray for myself and others in my neighborhood as well as my community and city to have their eyes opened to see those who are in lonely and in need of friendship. I pray that You show us how to break the ice and move past any feelings of awkwardness. Let Your love be evident in us, and let Your Holy Spirit help give us a 'nudge' towards those with whom You want us to connect.

Help us not to be so distracted that we miss the opportunities in front of us. Help us to overcome any feelings related to fear of rejection or feeling foolish so that we can be Your hands and Your heart towards others. In Jesus name, amen. 

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