Prayer for Day 13

Day 13 - Pray for those who are bound by bitterness.

Father God,

I pray for myself and others in my family and city. So many people struggle with unhealed wounds, offenses and brokenness. They feel like You have forgotten them, Lord. They feel they have been treated unjustly; and some feel the deep disappointment and discouragement that has caused their heart to become hardened and unbelieving. So many people feel abandoned, unloved, rejected, scorned and they believe You don't care about them. Please show them that You do. Please find a way into their circumstances that shows them You haven't forgotten about them or their situation.

I ask You to water the seeds of hope that have already been planted. I ask You to heal their belief system, and give them revelation that will show them where You were in their painful situation, and what You have to say about it. Give them a new perspective that heals what they believe about themselves, You and others. I ask You to revive their hearts, and revive mine, too.

Father, give us all a revelation of anyone we might still need to forgive. Bring their name to mind, Lord. I ask for a gift of Divine Grace to be poured out into my heart as well as the hearts of others. I ask You to enable us to see those that have hurt or offended us through Your eyes. Help us to see them through eyes of compassion so that we can truly forgive and be healed. Help us to recover our joy, Lord, for it is joy that becomes our strength to overcome. Help us to recover peace and experience Your presence in a greater way. Forgive me Lord, for I need Your forgiveness and Your mercy every day.

“Come, Holy Spirit! Spring up, O well! Let your river flow. Let your power flow. Let your river move all the obstacles out of the way. Let it cleanse, heal and restore our vessels. Holy Spirit, forgive me for any way that I have personally grieved you, retained unforgiveness or bitterness and made room for the enemy to have legal grounds in my life. I choose to forgive anyone that has hurt or offended me. I realize those debts are uncollectable! Forgive me for quenching Your Spirit and drying up the river within me. Fill me to overflowing with Your love. Let the new wine fill this earthen jar and fill me with joy unspeakable and full of glory! Let my heart be released and may Your power overflow to my neighbors. Let it flow like a river into the streets and into our cities. Let your power be released inside of me to heal the nations and transform lives everywhere I go, in Jesus name. Amen.”

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