Prayer for Day 14

Day 14 -  Pray for the community of prayer partners to build momentum!

Father God,

It has been 14 days since I took the challenge to pray with others in 2018. I lift up those in my city and community that have also taken the challenge. I pray that we do not grow lazy in our commitment. Holy Spirit, increase our momentum and elevate our expectations! You can do incredible, jaw dropping things when people pray together in one accord! I pray that You would move swiftly to bring answers to prayer, so that people would feel encouragement to continue to pray together and maintain consistency in prayer.

I pray that You draw more people to participate, and breathe on this prayer movement. Let Your creativity spark ideas anointed for breakthrough! Let the joy of the Lord increase exponentially! Let those that have felt disconnected find their place of being connected to others! Let Your plans and purposes unfold to realign people into the place appointed for them. Move among Your people, O God! Bring an avalanche of prayer that disrupts the enemy's plans and releases a Spirit of Revival among Your people! In Jesus name, amen.

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