Prayer for Day 16

Day 16 - Pray for your spouse


I thank you for my husband/wife. I am grateful for the many ways that they work hard for me and our family. I am grateful for a companion and helpmate. I am grateful that You are working in their heart and life to help them discover the depth of Your love for them, Your commitment to them and to our family.

I ask You to unravel any lies the enemy has spoken to them, to cause them to doubt their true potential, Your plan for their life, their identity, and Your faithfulness. Let Your perfect love cast out all fear. Let Your Holy Spirit comfort them when they feel stressed or anxious, affirming them in Your love. Help them not to carry any false burdens of guilt, inadequacy or feelings of unworthiness. Help me to encourage my spouse every day with words of affirmation, love and respect. Help me to honor and show respect to them so that it fosters good communication and peace in our home. 

Let Your Holy Spirit speak truth to them in ways that they can see, hear, receive and understand. Show them the form in which you are communicating to them every day. Help us to have spiritual conversations, sharing our dreams and God-thoughts each day. Help us to pray with one another and for one another daily, and build intimacy in our relationship. Give me an understanding heart to know my husband/wife and to perceive what they need, even when they don't use words to tell me. 

I pray for _________'s safety and protection as they come and go. Let Your angels protect them from any accidents or unexpected danger. Adjust the timing of their coming and going so that they do not encounter evil that might be on their path. Give them inner strength to resist temptation, and remind them to take authority over any ungodly thoughts and vain imaginations. Guide them away from things that the enemy would use to exploit their weaknesses, and may they have an abundance of grace for their day. In Jesus name, amen.

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