Prayer for Day 18

Day 18 - Pray for Teachers & Educators

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up the teachers and educators in my community, city and geographic region. I lift up the parents that are homeschooling their children also. Give them wisdom and understanding to know how to impart the important knowledge that their educators are trying to impart. Give them grace to deal with frustrations and challenges throughout their day. Help them to be able to reach the children in their path with love and kindness, and find creative ways to inspire a love for learning.

Help the teachers, educators and staff to be aware and alert to any potential dangers. Help them to trust their intuition and enable them to keep our children safe. Let angelic sentries be posted on every school campus and property. You said in Your word, Father, that the angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear You, and You also said You give Your angels charge over us. Let no one with evil plans be able to get near our children, young adults or gain access to school grounds. I forbid any spirit of murder or terrorism to come against our children and youth. I command that spirit to be bound and sent back to hell where it belongs, in Jesus name. Let the Spirit of Peace reign and rule over every school and campus.

Father, I pray for parents to actively engage in their children's education, to not leave everything to the teachers or expect the teachers to have all the responsibility. Let the teachers and staff know how greatly they are appreciated and valued, and help them to use wisdom and discretion in the information they use to teach our children. I pray that the children in their classes would be respectful, kind to others and good citizens towards their classmates. Help them to also have employers that will treat them well and pay them a good wage, so that they do not have to feel resentful of the children or the job they do. In Jesus name, amen. 

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