Prayer for Day 19

Are you ready for a surprise? Today's prayer involves a challenge.

It's time to step outside of your comfort zone! Today, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call a total stranger.

What???????  Yes. A total stranger. 

Let's do something completely unpredictable to the enemy. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time. Call a long-lost family member. It can be anyone random that you get out of a phone book if you still own a phone book. Call any business. A doctor's office. A school. Your state assemblymember's office. Your dog groomer. ANYONE. Let's pray this becomes contagious joy in anonymously blessing others!

If they're not in, leave a little prayer blessing on their voicemail. Surprise someone with a prayer. I've prayed for the checker in the grocery store when I was in line, people in parking lots, in stores, doctor offices...You would be surprised how God will lead you to someone if you stop to be purposeful and ask HIM to show you who He wants you to pray for! Ask Him to send you to the person that's been praying for an answer!

I know, you may be a little nervous about the idea of doing this, but isn't it a fun idea? Here's a little script for you if you need some help. If you get someone's voicemail you can leave this on their voice mail, too.

(Phone rings)..."Hello?"

You:  "Hi, we've never met, and I hope you don't think this is too strange, but I am a Christian and I asked God who He wanted me to pray for today. I felt He led me to you. If you don't mind, I would be very happy to pray a blessing over you."

You either get a yes or a no -- if yes, proceed. If no, then thank them for their time and say I respect your wishes. God bless you, have a wonderful day. Hang up can try again! If you get a voice mail, you can leave this for them to discover later!


"Dear Heavenly Father,

Would you please show your love to your child today? I ask You to give them abundant grace for every situation they face. Take every worry, fear or anxious thought and give them peace, knowing that You care for them. Strengthen them in their body. Give them energy, joy and take away any illness, aches or pains in their body. Touch them and release Your healing. Whatever it is they need, I ask You to send your intervention into their circumstances, and let them know it's the answer they've been seeking. Increase their faith, Father.

I pray for an increase in their provision, favor on the job and where ever they go. I ask You to bless them in every way that YOU want to bless them, that it would bring glory to Your name. Father, keep their family members and loved ones safe. Arrange the timing of their days, their comings and goings, so that they avoid any accidents or evil on their path. Protect them and help them and their family members to avoid the snares the enemy might set for them. Direct them away from trouble. Let them sense Your presence with them, guiding them. Give them wisdom to help them excel in every area of their life. Most of all, may they experience Your love in a very real, tangible way so that it draws them closer to Your heart. Help them to hear You, Father. In Jesus name, amen."

Wait for a response...all you have to do is say God bless you, have a wonderful day and hang up. But, you might just have an opportunity to tell them about PrayTogether2018 and encourage them to find a prayer partner. You can volunteer to become their prayer partner if they don't have anyone to pray with them. 

If it was you on the other end of the phone, would you feel surprised and blessed to get this sort of phone call? Yes, you would! That is what we want people in the community to experience, too! I pray it becomes something we all do on a regular basis! 

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