Prayer for Day 21

Day 21 - A Prayer for Unity With God's Holy Spirit

A lack of unity with the Holy Spirit of God can cause a spiritual miscarriage, infertility and a loss of promise (answered prayer). Just as a woman must become intimate with a man in order to conceive a child, so it is with our relationship with God. There must be intimacy and unity, nurturing of that seed, as well as labor in order to deliver God's promises into the earth.

There are things that cause a lack of intimacy with God, such as lies in a person's belief system, self-righteousness instead of humility and yieldedness to God, grief, unhealed wounds, and disobedience. This is why prayers are so important: they help address the issues and spirits that can cause a spontaneous abortion of God's promises coming to pass in your life! Today's prayer:

Father God,

Forgive me for any areas of my life that I have failed to fully yield to You. Help me to spend time with You and create the intimacy necessary to hear Your heart and mind; to be one with You. 

May the Spirit of Abortion be bound over my life in Jesus name. I bind up the spirits of Disappointment, Shame, Self-righteousness and Pride; I bind the spirits of Grief, Heaviness, Discouragement, and Unbelief, and I command them to be silent in Jesus name. Let every lie be unraveled so that my faith can be stronger, and my foundation in You more secure. I send them back to the abyss created for all demons and I forbid them from operating against me and my future. 

I release the resurrection power of Holy Spirit. I release the life of God to flow in me and through me, to heal, cleanse and restore my heart, mind and belief system in Jesus name.

I declare that the promises of God for my life and my family will not result in a spontaneous miscarriage. I declare life! I break off every word curse that has come out of my mouth or the mouth of others speaking negatively over me, and I say to my life and future, "LIVE, in Jesus name!" 

Holy Spirit, tell me what is in Your heart, what You want to birth through my life. Tell me the desires of Your heart. What will please You? What will please the Father's heart? That is what I ask for, to be a vessel that You are pleased to work through to birth the desires of Your heart for my family, my community and my nation. Bring others into my life that will truly be the prayer partners you have ordained for me. Bless me with those that will pray in agreement for Your heart to be blessed, and Your birth to come forth on this earth. Like Mary, I say 'so be it unto me, according to Your will'. In Jesus name. Amen.

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