Prayer for Day 22

Day 22 - Pray for local leaders.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up the city council members, the mayor, city manager, assembly members, our senator, the governor and elected officials in our government. Give them a Spirit of Excellence to do their jobs well. Let them be successful in running the things pertaining to our city and help them to work together to solve the problems they face. I pray for them to have wisdom from Your Holy Spirit to know how to govern Your people with righteousness, truth, equity and justice. I pray for any corruption to be exposed and those unfit for leadership to be weeded out, but I ask for Your mercy with justice for anyone that is under the hand of Your judgment. 

I lift up the pastors and those in positions of ministry leadership in this geographic region, and I ask that You place a Spirit of Unity and Brotherly Love among them. I ask that You would supernaturally remove any spirit of competition from among them. I pray that they would set the example of honor, forgiveness, reconciliation and brotherly love for others. I ask that any broken relationships or division due to offense or church splits would be healed. Let offenses be forgiven and put under the blood of Jesus. I pray that You would heal any disappointments and restore those that have met Your criteria for promotion.

Give the people in various positions that You have chosen to lead grace for the job and responsibilities under their care. Help them to have the necessary answers, solutions and resources available that would make their jobs run more smoothly. Remind them that it is You that promotes and that they have been put in their position for a reason, to lead Your people with integrity, honor, and righteousness. Let the fear of the Lord rest upon them and keep them in all Your ways. In Jesus name, Amen.

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