Prayer for Day 23

Day 23 - Pray to break the strongholds of violence.

Father God,

I bind up the spirits of pride, rage, violence, fear, torment, anger, addiction, bondage, strife, bitterness and unforgiveness in this city and community. I bind the spirit of war, in Jesus name. I forbid these spirits from promoting offense and anger. I render them powerless, impotent and paralyzed in the name of Jesus Christ and I tell them to go back to hell where they belong.

I release the Spirit of Humility, Peace, the Spirit of Mercy, the Spirit of Compassion, the Love of God, Forgiveness, and the Spirit of Understanding. Let Your Holy Spirit come and saturate every heart with peace. Let Your love wash away the fear and insecurity. I pray that people have a change of heart and turn away from anger. Let them not entertain unforgiveness nor meditate on offense and misunderstanding. Instead, let Your Holy Spirit counsel them with understanding, grace and mercy, encouraging them to forgive and let go. Help people to understand that anger, unforgiveness and offense rob them of peace and joy and accomplishes nothing of value. Let them trust in You and be quick to forgive others.

Father, I ask You to give people creative ideas to resolve the differences among them and others. I pray that those that lack a sense of loving connectedness and family would find it in a positive way with others that are good influences instead of turning to gangs or other ungodly relationships that are not healthy for them. I also pray that Your children would have an increase in revelation, prophetic words and words of knowledge and that You would direct them to those that need to hear Your voice. Direct those who are wandering, lost or stuck in the wrong things to those that will help them hear what You have to say about them. Uncover the gems that are hidden in them, that only You can see. Let it turn them back to the path of righteousness and back to connect with You, in Jesus name. Amen.

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