Prayer for Day 24

Day 24 - Prayer for a Turnaround

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You that Your word tells me You take what the enemy has meant for harm, and You turn it around for good. I may not see how You are turning the heartache, frustration, delays and challenges into good, but I know that Your character is trustworthy and I choose to believe Your word.

I thank You for giving me endurance for the long haul, that I won't throw in the towel or give up when I'm feeling emotional. Thank you for turning every hurt into hope for the future. Thank you that You are turning things in my favor even now, and setting the stage for my breakthrough. Lord, I know that there are many tests along the way. Please help me pass the tests the first time. Help me to show love to those that I may feel are unlovable. Help me to show integrity in the smallest of things so that the enemy cannot find a place to accuse me before You. Help me to forgive others quickly so that I do not leave any doors open to the enemy to block my prayers. Help me to realize that sometimes when I feel offended with You, it is still a test that I must pass. Help me in those moments to be careful what I speak and to not turn into an accuser towards you, but to confess my trust in Your promises and Your faithfulness. Help me to remember that every season has an end, and I ask You to lead me through each season with grace and humility so that I am not held back. In Jesus name, Amen.

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