Prayer for Day 25

Day 25 - Pray for Those with Mental and Emotional Issues

Father God,

Today I come before You and I lift up those struggling with mental and emotional issues. I ask that You would intervene in these people's lives and get them the help that they need. Let messengers of truth be sent into their lives, equipped with words anointed to pierce through the darkness.

Father, I pray that people will confess their pride and the sins that have bound them to unbelief, discouragement, chaos and destroyer spirits. I pray that they would acknowledge where they have tried to deal with their pain in illegitimate and ineffective ways. I pray they would confess where they have hardened their heart against you and others. Open their eyes to see that their attempts to protect themselves from being hurt have created impenetrable walls around their heart, locking themselves inside with their pain. Encourage them to open the door of their heart to You and others that they might be healed.

Holy Spirit, I pray they would yield to your authority, Please deposit Your truth and Your power deep inside of them, and enable them to break free from demonic oppression. Show them what the enemy has tried to prevent them from knowing. Show them how heaven sees them and reveal their true identity. 

Let the blood of Jesus cover their sins and close the doors to the enemy.

I lift up those within my sphere of authority - in my workplace, in my home and family, and in my neighborhood. I bind up the spirits of pride, fear, anger, unloving spirits, cold love, rebellion, disappointment, disapproval, rejection, and shame. I forbid them from operating against these people and I command these spirits to loose those under their control in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Let the power, love and sound mind that is in Christ come to those that are struggling with emotional issues and stabilize their faith. Let stability come into their lives. Let all that is tied to instability be severed from them now. I bind the spirit of confusion and discord, torment and trauma; I release the Spirit of Peace, the Spirit of Order, Mercy and the Love of God into their lives in Jesus name. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to give me opportunities to share the love of God with others and to be able to pray with them. 

Lead me to the right words of encouragement. Holy Spirit, put the right words in my mouth to pray. Give me words of knowledge and prophetic understanding of what is going on with others so that I can pray effectively. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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