Prayer for Day 27

Hi all, 

So sorry that I forgot to post a prayer yesterday! Today I would like to share a wonderful and powerful prayer from a friend of mine, Todd Farley. It's a prayer to 'bridle the tongue.' He has a great teaching on this subject as well, and I'll post the link to it from his facebook page in case you would like to look it up. It is highly convicting! Thanks Todd for allowing me to borrow your wonderfully written prayer!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the mighty name of Jesus Father God, and I thank you that by grace I am saved, and for the precious gift of sending your only begotten Son to die on the cross for my sins!

Father, at times I’m struggling with “bridling my tongue.” Please forgive me of any time I have spoken anything that did not edify or encourage, or give grace to the hearer.

Please forgive me of ANY and all times I may have sown discord, or grumbled, and also for outright cursing! Forgive me for any assumptions, gossip, or slander, anything intentional, or anything I may not have discerned! Please remove any bitter seed, or rotten fruit, anything that is NOT of you!

Examine my heart God, you own it. Cleanse it and rinse me with the blood of Jesus, I repent for any poison or curses to myself or others that ever came out of my lips! Please deliver me of any pain, anger or rejection in my heart, so that it does not turn in to a root of bitterness!

Please CANCEL any and all word curses I’ve ever spoken over myself or another person or even my family members! Pour out your grace and blessing on anyone I ever cursed! (Examples: “I’m so stupid”, “I’ll never get it right”, “you’re never going to amount to ANYTHING)

Lord God, I read your word and it says: “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!” Please make my heart whole, healed, and wash it and me in your perfect love! Not only does perfect love cast out all fear, it gives me love, power, and a sound mind!

Examine my heart Father, and do what needs to be done within it spiritually, heal or deliver me, so that I sin not against you. Let no pride or iniquity rise-up within me, remove anything that would have dominion over me, any secret sin or anything known or unknown that would hinder my walk for you or your plan you designed over my life!

Lord, in this hour you need us at full strength for what you have called the body of Christ to do, deliver me of ANY unbelief operating anywhere in my life, thank you Father for giving me a “healthy” version of Fear of The Lord, because your word says it’s the BEGINNING of wisdom!

Let me be known by my brethren for my “love for one another”, and I decree and declare from this day forward, my tongue will produce sweet or good fruit in Jesus’s mighty name!

Please make and keep me a vessel of honor and not dishonor, and let your grace give me the strength to become fully ready and alert, for your glorious return!

I know I can’t fix anything, but with you God Almighty, your word says ALL THINGS are possible, I rest in the sacrifice that Jesus made me for me with His precious blood, as I ask Him, to “guard my lips and set a watch over my mouth.”

I know your words says when I confess my sin, you’re faithful and just to forgive me. Thank you, Lord, you are amazing. Lead me to all truth, and I ask for wisdom and understanding, and for more of the “gift of faith” if you feel I need it Father!

Thank you for hearing the cry of my heart, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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