Prayer for Day 3

Day 3 - Pray to Heal Marriages

Note: It's so important to pray daily with your spouse, and for your spouse. This very act of kindness will automatically foster peace, grace and intimacy in your marriage. Pray for your spouse the way you would want someone to pray for you. Prayers should not be about bringing your fears or frustrations into your prayers, (in other words, making life more comfortable for you or about what you want), but about God's heart for that individual.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come together now asking that you forgive us for any areas where we have grieved Your Holy Spirit and not honored Your authority over our marriage. We make a covenant with Holy Spirit now, and we invite You to be the threefold cord between us that binds us together.  We ask that You, O God, be the shield round about us and our family.

Help us to remember to ask for Your help. Come and refresh our marriage. You can make all things new. You can resolve issues that on our own strength we cannot. Breathe a fresh wind into us individually, but also into us as a couple. Renew our passion and desire for one another. Refresh what has become stale. Renew our friendship with one another. Give us eyes to see the best in one another. Help us to understand what motivates one another without responding out of judgment or criticism. Help us to cover them in love and to yield to one another without resentment. Fill us with Yourself, Holy Spirit. We need You. We cannot revive ourselves. Please, help us come back into divine order in all things and shut the enemy out of our thoughts, our responses, our family and our future.

Help us shut the enemy out of our marriage and family. We repent for anger, power struggles, poor communication and any ways that we may have dishonored one another. We repent for any ways that we have rejected or disrespected one another. We chose to forgive each other of the past and we resolve not to bring up old issues. We choose to place every old hurt, betrayal and offense under the blood of Jesus. We repent for any sins of ourselves or others in our family line that opened the door to adultery, jealousy, broken vows, and betrayal of trust or broken commitments. Let the blood of Jesus cover those sins. We believe You can heal our marriage and make it healthy. Let this be a brand new day.

We renounce spirits known as Past, Regret, Fear, Jealousy, Unloving, Cold Love, Anger, Control, Condemnation, Disappointment, Disapproval and Criticism. We repent and renounce any ways we have entertained fault finding that have made room for Abuse in our conversations or actions. We renounce any spirits that have come into our lives as a result of generational sin or disobedience on our part. We renounce the spirit known as Lilith which ties us to Lust, Incubus and Succubus spirits; all soul ties to former lovers, spouses, ungodly authority figures and those that have sinned against us through abuse or sexual molestation. We command all soul ties to go back to those individuals to whom they belong, and we ask that You, O God, restore our souls and make us whole, for Your word tells us in Psalm 23:3 that You restore our soul, and in Isaiah 53:5 Your word declares that 'by His stripes we were healed." We ask for a release of Your love and grace to help bring lasting change in our lives and marriage. In Jesus name, amen .

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