Prayer for Day 31

Day 31 - Pray Against Injustice


I come before You to pray against the injustices in society. I pray that injustices such as human trafficking, prostitution, child abduction, molestation, rape and forced slavery would be exposed and the perpetrators caught and brought to justice. 

I ask that those that conspire to commit acts of terrorism, hatred, and plot evil against others would be caught before they can carry out evil agendas. Put the right people in the right place that will be able to thwart the plans of the enemy before they can be executed. Release Your angels to bind those that work in conjunction with the forces of darkness.I say, "Satan, be bound in Jesus name! Let the spirits of fear, terror, rage, anger, murder, and all destroyer angels from the bottomless pit be bound, paralyzed, impotent and cast into the abyss created for them, in Jesus name."

I bind the spirits of bondage, addiction, greed, lust, murder, terrorism and fear associated with drug trafficking, and black market trade of human organs and weapons. Let those involved in these industries be exposed before they can make people their victims. Let those that have been seized or kidnapped be released to safety. Send Your angels to their aid, O God. Let injustice be bound in Jesus name! I forbid these spirits from operating against people in my community and city, in Jesus name. Let the fear of the Lord be released over those in the illegal drug and trafficking industry. Show them the way out. Lead them to repentance. Lead them into a place where they can begin a new life. Help them to turn to you and be saved, I pray O God.

Father, I pray against the injustice of suicide and euthanasia, death and destruction. I pray against the injustice of abortion. Let the spirits of death and hell be bound over my city and community, over my neighborhood and my family in Jesus name. I forbid these spirits from taking lives prematurely. Let the Spirit of Life and the Resurrection power that restores be released now in Jesus name. Send your guardian angels to protect and preserve life, O God! I bind the spirits of murder, genocide, the Nazi spirit associated with ethnic cleansing and the spirit of war. I forbid these spirits from advancing against Your people O God. Let them be bound, silenced and sent back to the pit of hell where they belong. Release angels of breakthrough to war against the demonic strongholds. Let the spirit of humility and repentance be released over government officials, secret societies, and sects of hidden government agencies, those working in pharmaceutical companies and the CDC. Let the fear of the Lord restore people's consciences and bring them back to their senses quickly, in Jesus name.

Father, I bind the spirits of fear, control, manipulation, terror and blackmail that work in association with witchcraft. I forbid witchcraft from placing people under bondage and oppression under fear of retaliation. I break the power of the fear of man in Jesus name. Let the Spirit of Courage, Boldness, the Spirit of Truth and the Dunamis power of Your Holy Spirit break people free from ungodly yokes of oppression. Let the anointing break the yoke of the enemy that he has used to keep people bound to works of darkness in Jesus name. Let the Spirit of Liberty be released over every person that is bound to fear, in Jesus name.

I thank You, O God, for doing a mighty work in my family, city, community and throughout our nation. I praise You for bringing the breakthrough. Let the enemy be put to an open shame as You spoil the works of the enemy. Make yourself known to principalities and powers in the high places. Extend your arm against the works of evil, O God! Let there be a release of godly repentance all across the land. Let the Love of God, the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Brotherly Love pour out and change hearts and minds. Restore people to righteousness, mercy, and truth. Let it be for Your glory I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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