Prayer for Day 4

Day 4  - A Parent’s Blessing over their children

Note: Please be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This is a guide. Please feel free to elaborate on certain areas to make it special to the individual receiving this prayer.

My child,

I bless you to be free from any feelings of unworthiness, doubt or rejection over who you are and how God created you.

I bless you to be free from any thought that would tell you that you are unloved or unwanted, or simply don’t measure up.

I bless you to let go of any hurtful or offensive words that keep replaying in your mind. Please forgive me for anything I have said out of anger, carelessness or frustration that did not reflect love or respect. I am truly sorry.

I bless you to know that you are loved unconditionally, to know that you are accepted and not rejected.

I bless you to know your true identity in Christ and to know how much you are valued.

I bless your heart with revelation of the Father’s love, His commitment to you, and to receive Him as your heavenly Father.

I bless you to be set free from striving to try to obtain what I could not or did not give you.

I bless you to be free from feelings of needing to be perfect in order to feel accepted or appreciated.

I bless you to be free to pursue what God has created you to be, and to do, to live free from the fear of man and live in the peace of knowing the Father delights in you because you belong to Him. I bless you to know that you bring the Father pleasure.

I ask that you forgive me for any ways I have failed you or caused you to feel disappointed in me. I pray that you would be able to understand that I have parented you out of my own brokenness at times.  I pray you are able to forgive me for not always setting a better example or not being able to better meet your needs.

I bless your creativity, ingenuity, your gifts, talents and all the ways God has made you unique. Above all, I bless you to know that I love you and am proud of you.

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