Prayer for Day 5

Day 5 – Releasing the Father’s Blessing

In ancient times it was common for either the priestly blessing or a Father’s blessing to be spoken at certain significant times. The priest or the father as head of household would lay their hands on the heads of their family members as they prayed over them. There is tremendous power to release healing and blessing over households and families as this is done. Yesterday we released a blessing over children, but this is different. We encourage the head of the household to declare this blessing over their family.

I bless you, my family, to know the Father’s pleasure over how He created you; that you are created in the image and likeness of God. I bless you to delight yourself in Him, and as you do, to find His purpose for your life.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His face always shine upon you –
May the Lord be gracious to you and turn His face towards you, to give you peace.

May you always be known as the generation of the upright, to be blessed with wealth in your house. May you be rich with blessings that are beyond financial prosperity.

May your descendants be mighty upon the earth.

May your light always shine in the darkness, and may you always have light on your path to guide you.

I bless you to be a good man, and a good woman, to deal graciously with others, to be full of compassion, lending to others and walking in righteousness.

I bless you to walk in the fear of the Lord; to walk worthy of the Lord.

I bless you to know when to ask for wisdom and to guide your affairs with discretion.

I bless you to be courageous, steadfast in your commitment to the Lord, so that you are found faithful to Him.

I bless you to know your calling, purpose and to lean on the Lord to direct your path.

I bless your heart and home with peace, health, prosperity and the favor of the Lord, in Jesus name.

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