Prayer for Day 7

Day 7 - Pray to Break the Power of Word Curses

When people speak negatively about others, the power of their words can have great impact. Gossip, venting to others, complaining and other forms of 'evil speaking' release a spirit of death over those that are being discussed. Sound waves continue forever. Don't create a ripple effect of cursing others no matter how hurt or frustrated you may feel! That is not who you are! Words carry great weight in the spirit realm, which is why God cautions us to 'speak life' lest we release death (and give power to create demonic assignments) over those that we speak about.

A person cannot accuse, slander, name call, or use other forms of negative speech without something resulting from those words. Speaking out of pain and offense has the power to create offense in others. When bitter words are released, it becomes a ripple effect of defilement that causes others to form false judgments about others - bringing them under scrutiny and judgment according to Matthew 7:1. Judge not lest you be judged with the same unloving judgment by which you judge others. That is the result of pride, and pride will become a stumbling block if people are not careful! Eventually, people reap the fruit of their negative words and judgments as they boomerang back into their own life. What you despise and judge about others becomes the power to create something similar in your own life.The judgments we make about others carry the potential to keep people locked up in old cycles instead of being released into a new future until they repent.

People release bitterness, toxic shame and rejection over the lives of others when they have negative conversations, exposing the sins, weaknesses and failures of others. Recognize those actions are not born out of love, but of bitterness, offense, frustration, fear, hurt and anger. Scripture tells us that love covers a multitude of sins. LOVE COVERS. LOVE FORGIVES, RELEASES and BLESSES. It does not clothe others in shame through exposure. And yet, we have all been guilty at one time or another. It's time to take responsibility for the unkind, disrespecful, dishonoring words spoken about others and even over your own future. It's a choice to believe what God says about yourself and others - and speak responsibly. Today, break the power of word curses you may have released over yourself, your family members or others and release yourselves from the judgments, curses and hindrances hanging over you in the spirit realm. Repentance allows a person to move forward, while failing to do what's right keeps people stuck under the weight of their own words and false judgments. Words of faith release life and invite God to move on your behalf! "Whoever offers praise glorifies Me, and to him who orders his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God." Psalm 50:23


Your word says in Isaiah 54:17 that “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue which rises up against me in judgment shall be condemned,” and that this is my inheritance in the Lord. Right now I condemn every negative word that has been spoken over myself, my family and my future in Jesus name.

I repent for every negative word I have spoken over myself, my family, and our future.

I repent for vows made silently or spoken and I ask that You release me from any ungodly vows, peace treaties or covenants that are legally binding in the spirit realm.

I break any old covenants with the enemy that may have been made knowingly or unknowingly. I renounce all spirits tied to regret, failure, disappointment, rejection, hurt, betrayal, unforgiveness and bitterness that have resulted in witchcraft assignments against me or my family.

I renounce the lies that these spirits have told me about myself, You and others. I choose to forgive those that have acted with injustice towards me, and I bless them to be free and healed in Jesus name.

I repent for speaking any words that are contrary to Your will, O God, and I break the power of them now in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

I repent for any words spoken by me over others, and I forgive the negative words of others spoken against me and my family.

I break the power of false prophetic words. I break the power of prognosticators, physicians, parents, ministers, teachers, peers, and authority figures in our lives that had power to negatively influence us, create fear or harm our self-image, damage our self-esteem or impact our belief system with lies.

I break the power of negative words, including those that have evil spirits associated with them through the use of conjuring, spells, incantations, potions, all forms of magic and witchcraft.

Any words and spirit associations that have been assigned to us in order to perpetuate a curse must now be broken and all curses made void. I command in the name of Jesus Christ that all evil spirits associated with these curses to leave me, my family, and be sent back to hell immediately.

I declare that words that have been used as a weapon will no longer ring in the ears of myself or my loved ones. From this day forward, I declare our ears will reject condemning words laced with a spirit of death and they will not take root in our hearts.

Holy Spirit, show us where Jesus was at the time of those painful events, or when hurtful words were released against us. Give me a new perspective on that situation that releases healing. Let there be revelation, truth and understanding be released into our hearts and minds. Let the counsel of Your Holy Spirit unravel every lie and bring us back to the truth that sets us free. Thank You for breaking every ungodly yoke of bondage and oppression that came as a result of condemning words. In Jesus name, Amen.

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