Prayer for Day 9

Day 9 - Pray for the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding

Father God,

I pray for the Spirit of Understanding that I might better discern the motive of people's hearts. Help me to know what motivates them so that I do not misunderstand them or wrongly judge them.

I ask for an abundant measure of grace to love others even though I may discern something negative about their motives, and wisdom to avoid any snares the enemy may use to try to entrap me.

I pray for discernment to know exactly what my circumstances are communicating. Grant me the wisdom to discern between a natural situation and a spiritual issue, and I pray You bless me with the wisdom to know how to proceed to tackle every problem.

I pray also for my family members, my neighbors and those in my community. I ask that You give them wisdom and understanding to know how to deal with every situation.Give them advance notice before trouble arises, and help them stop any evil plans before they can be carried out. 

I decree a release of wisdom and understanding over myself, my co-workers, my neighbors and those in my community. 

I decree a release of deaf ears to ‘be opened now, in Jesus name!‘ Ears, listen, hear and obey the Word of the Father and His Holy Spirit.’ Let the deaf and dumb spirit be loosed off of individuals that they may hear and be free from all ungodly filters on their ears.

I decree a release of the Spirit of truth and of your Holy Spirit to counsel people with wisdom and release understanding and discernment.

I declare those I have prayed for will hear and obey godly wisdom and have the wisdom they need to discern any potential snares, ungodly relationships, and mixed motives of others. They will heed the voice of caution.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for letting the wisdom from Holy Spirit guard us, keep us in the path of righteousness and shield us from evil. I thank you for giving us wisdom to avoid any situation that would entice us to compromise with the wrong things. I thank You for ordering our footsteps away from trouble and delivering us from all the enemy's enticements. In Jesus name, amen.

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