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Prayer to Unlock Finances

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come before You into Your heavenly court, seeking relief from the enemy and the wicked oppressor, the thief who has robbed me and my family from the ability to prosper according to Your word.
I come to You, O God, as the heavenly Judge of all heaven and earth. I do not approach You on my own righteousness, for I have none; I approach You based on Your goodness and mercy, and because the Blood of Jesus has been shed for my sins. I am a blood-bought child of God and Your word tells me that I can find help in the time of my need.
The adversary and accuser has sought legal grounds in order to indict me and enforce a curse of poverty, financial lack and an inability to prosper, thereby severely limiting my ability to influence others for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, I ask You to hear my petition before the court.
On behalf of myself and others in my family line, I ask You to forgive any misappropriation of finances in our history. Forgive us for poor stewa…