Prayer to Unlock Finances

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You into Your heavenly court, seeking relief from the enemy and the wicked oppressor, the thief who has robbed me and my family from the ability to prosper according to Your word.

I come to You, O God, as the heavenly Judge of all heaven and earth. I do not approach You on my own righteousness, for I have none; I approach You based on Your goodness and mercy, and because the Blood of Jesus has been shed for my sins. I am a blood-bought child of God and Your word tells me that I can find help in the time of my need.

The adversary and accuser has sought legal grounds in order to indict me and enforce a curse of poverty, financial lack and an inability to prosper, thereby severely limiting my ability to influence others for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, I ask You to hear my petition before the court.

On behalf of myself and others in my family line, I ask You to forgive any misappropriation of finances in our history. Forgive us for poor stewardship, reckless spending, gambling, selfishness and greed. Forgive us for the times when we have had more than enough and we did not spend it wisely, and the times when we acted miserly.

Forgive us for having the wrong motive and asking for things that you could not bless because we asked for selfish intent.

Forgive us for the sin of hoarding; holding on to finances when You wanted us to be generous to others and to sow financial seeds.

Forgive us for having an attitude of entitlement, thinking that we were deserving of more when we had not proven we were trustworthy with finances.

Forgive us for having wrong expectations, expecting You to give us something when we had not wisely used what you had already given us.

Forgive us for neglecting to use our talents and abilities in the Kingdom of God, and for failing to recognize our responsibility to invest the gits, talents and abilities so that they would bring increase for Your kingdom.

Forgive us for putting a monetary value on our service, and for failing to serve others because we could not see the reward in it. Forgive us for not serving You in joy and gladness, for the abundance of everything.

Forgive us for areas of unbelief and reluctance to release what’s in our hand because we have doubted Your goodness towards us.

Forgive us for serving and sowing from an attitude of stinginess and legalism rather than having an attitude of generosity and grace.

Forgive us for placing ourselves under Old Testament law instead of functioning in liberty and grace. Forgive us for transgressing and being unable to fulfill the law. Let us be released from legalism attached to our mindset and giving.

Forgive us for having an evil eye towards others. Forgive us for allowing jealousy, envy, covetousness, idolatry, judgmentalism and legalism to criticize others and pass negative judgments against them.

Forgive us for the pursuit of mammon, the sin of selfish ambition and attempting to set up an idol of self-importance and self-sufficiency in the secret places of our heart. Forgive us for attempting to build our own kingdom rather than Your kingdom.

Forgive us for the sins of pride and self-righteousness, treating others with contempt and dishonor, character assassination, and uncovering the sins of others.

Forgive us for unbelief and for the inability to see You as good, gracious and the source of all our blessing.

Forgive us for any areas where we have misled others and caused them to wander off the road of righteousness.

Forgive us for illegally and unlawfully attempting to seize what belonged to another person. Forgive us for taking unlawful advantage over others.

Forgive us for taking a bribe, being a party to injustice and robbing others of justice.

Forgive us for iniquity in our bloodline and for anyone that made a covenant with demonic powers.

Forgive us for making a covenant with spirits of poverty, death and hell whereby we made lies our refuge. Knowingly or unknowingly, we made a covenant with the wrong entities believing that those things could protect us, provide for us, and we placed our trust in the wrong gods.

Forgive us for selling ourselves into bondage either through sin or ungodly peace treaties, covenants and contracts that have forced us into slavery, bondage and service to others.

Forgive us for any advantages that were gained through immorality, bribes, trading services, and ungodly agreements and covenants. I give back any advantages I may have received through demonic contracts and covenants. I ask You, Lord, to restore the blessings you have for me.

Forgive us for any sacrifices and shedding of blood that was offered through the sins of murder, abortion, character assassination, slander, gossip, and evil speaking.

Father, You are the just Judge in the courts of heaven. I ask my advocate and my attorney, the Lord Jesus Christ, to both intercede for me and speak on my behalf. I also ask that Holy Spirit be called to give testimony and bear witness on my behalf, that I stand before you now forgiven and cleansed of all unrighteousness, according to 1 John 1:9.

I ask the court to revoke the legal grounds that the enemy has used to indict me and enforce a curse. I also ask that all charges be dismissed.

I petition the court to pass a favorable judgment on my behalf that annuls every demonic contract and old covenant.

I petition the court for angelic assistance to tear down every evil altar with my family name on it. Let it be torn down now and our family name removed, in Jesus name.

I petition the court on behalf of any innocent blood that was shed; let the sacrifice be silenced and let all demonic portals be closed. I ask that the blood of Jesus would be applied to all altars, demonic thrones and portals and seal them shut in Jesus name.

Finally, Your honor, I petition the court for restoration and restitution to come forth immediately out of the enemy’s storehouse. According to Your law in Proverbs 6:31 the thief, when caught, must repay at no less than a 7-fold return and have to give up the substance of his house. Also, Your honor, I ask that I be granted speedy recompense, retroactive compensation for the years the enemy has stolen from me, according to 2 Kings 8:3-6, Joel 2:23-27 and Luke 18:1-8.

Father, I ask You to forgive my wrong mindsets and unbelief toward You. Help me to overcome limited mindsets connected to a spirit of poverty. I renounce all false gods, idols and wrong beliefs that limit Your ability to bless me. Help me to be financially free, to be a generous and joyful giver, to be a person You can trust with increase and prosperity, and to have the wealth that grants me influence for the sake of advancing the Kingdom of God. In Jesus name, amen.

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