Prayer Partnership Flyer

Prayers for a new beginning for your family and community

Let’s pray together!  The purpose of PRAY TOGETHER 2018 is to encourage prayer partnership in the new year.
Multiplied power results when there are two or more praying in agreement.
  • ·         Praying with even one other person causes us to have 10 times the power than if we prayed alone. Two can put 10,000 demons to flight. Multiplied power causes the enemy to flee. (Deut. 32:30)
  • ·         Prayers of agreement form a partnership with God that gets results. (Matt. 18:19-20)
  • ·         Prayers of agreement place a demand on the covenant relationship we have with God, pulling answered prayer out of the invisible realm. (Matt. 18:19,20)
  • ·         Prayers of agreement increase unity and cause the anointing to flow. (Ps. 133:1-2)
  • ·         People in one accord invite an atmosphere of unity that blesses the Father's heart - it's where the Lord commands a blessing. (Ps. 133:3)
  • ·         Two are better than one because there is a good reward for their labor; two can prevail in spiritual warfare. (Eccl. 4:9-12)
  • ·         Praying with at least one other person of faith release miracles, (Matthew 9:25; Acts 9:40; Luke 8:49-55)
  • ·         People in one accord, praying in unity discover nothing shall be impossible for them. (Gen. 11:6)

Have you been praying for direction?


Do you need a word from God?


Do you need a healing in your body?


Come join us as we seek God together!


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